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                                                       Dialysis and Kidney Transplant

Dialysis was the option presented to me when my kidneys failed.  I faced many challenges and lost quality of life.  I knew  very little about a living donor transplant.  Donor education matter and it is very important to know all the options as well as the facts.   My son became donor educated, completed the transplant screening process and met the guidelines.  He was a perfect match for me.  He gave me one of  his kidneys.   His generosity and selflessness restored within me hope, determination and the spirit to give back as it had been given to me.  I transitioned from dialysis to a  kidney transplant to the  Restoration of my life.  Through our non-profit, It Only Takes 1 , we aspire to Transplant kidneys and Transform Lives. 

I became  more involved with a kidney disease non-profit.  I started attending NC and NY Kidney walks and made donations to their Kidney foundations.  Experiences from  my dialysis and transplant journeys blossomed into forming the non-profit, It Only Takes  One.  We seize the opportunity to impact the lives of dialysis patients and patients living with chronic kidney disease.  It Only Takes 1 one aims to motivate, advocate, educate and support these patients.  This is why we must be empowered through patient education, public education and organ donation.  Sharing you tube videos,  participating in education webinars,  blogs and conference calls , we can continue to  Transplant kidneys and Transform lives. 

I am grateful to God,  my living donor (son~David) and  my support system for all victories thus far I have won.  Surely, It Only Takes 1 One!  It's Not What We Say But What We Do. 

Donor button about donating sakidney
David before kidney surgery
Andrea after Kidney surgery
Transplant Awareness T-shirt
Inspirational poster~Believe in Miracles

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Son David after kidney surgery
Andrea Recipient and David my donor
5 steps to save a life
Need for kidney sign
Scripture~Psalm 126:3 ~KJV
Andrea in Recovery room after transplant
Patient button after successful transplant
Words associated with a transplant journey
Inspirational T-shirt encouraging belief in miracles

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