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                                                                                             The Journey

It Only Takes 1 One~ You have two kidneys but you only need 1 One, so share your spare and help bring positive change for patients, living donors and transplant recipients.  My oldest son, David gave me the ultimate Gift of Life, one of his Kidneys, Son to Mother (Duo).  My transplanted kidney was a success.  I regained my independence and confidence to come out of retirement and continued a career of teaching second grade for five more years.  Lives are Improved, and Lives are Saved.  It Only Takes 1 One!

97,000 people are on the Kidney transplant waiting list.  More Living Donors are needed.  Give the Gift of Life by Donating a Kidney.  

Visit the National Kidney Registry to learn more about this process. 

                                                                         ABOUT  US

Name ~It Only Takes 1 One ~ Kidney Health~Donor Education
Type~Registered  501 3(c)~ Non-Profit (2019)
Founders~ Andrea and Rahmeka Cox
Founded~ 2016
Location~ Fayetteville, NC
Phone (910) -864-9770
Motto~ It's Not What We Say But What We Do!
Tax ID~ 84-3026481
                                                                MISSION STATEMENT
Our Mission is to provide donor education while educating the public.  We aim to create avenues for
kidney patients and their families.  We will advocate and collaborate to improve kidney health, while  encouraging others to  Save a life and Be a Donor.  Our Get Involved Initiative will focus on Annual Community Events, Dialysis Drives, and Educational Presentations, all of which will cater to those affected by Kidney Disease.
                                                                                                                           Transplanting Kidneys and Transforming Lives


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